February 23, 2010

Cheryl Bernard Swimsuit Pics

Cheryl Bernard Swimsuit Pics - Cheryl Bernard has great curling hot swimsuit photos. Canada is one of Calgary curler Cheryl Bernad. Cheryl looks great in Bernad hot swimsuit photos. Cheryl Bernard’s quiet fans are busy getting her hot swimsuit pictures. Cheryl Bernard as the Winter Olympic team in 2010 left the team will represent Canada.

Cheryl Bernard really a woman who has very hot skin. Her hot skin is really charming. Bernard is really a sexy woman. You can checkout here Cheryl Bernard Curling Hot Swimsuit Photos Topless Pictures Hot Sexy Images Gallery.

Throughout the late 2000s, Bernard’s rank has remained on of the top curling teams in Canada, however her first major tournament win came at the 2009 Canadian Olympic Curling Trials in Edmonton.
Cheryl Bernard’s profession is listed as “curler/author.” She co-wrote Between the Sheets: Creating Curling Champions, a curling book with Guy Scholz. Bernard lives with her husband, Terry Meek, in San Diego.

Cheryl Bernard Swimsuit pics
Cheryl Bernard Swimsuit photosCheryl Bernard Swimsuit

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