August 25, 2010

Cahaya Malaikat Turun di Ka'bah Video

Cahaya Malaikat Turun di Ka'bah Video - Videos circulating on youtube titled angel Angel in 2008. Reportedly these amateur videos uploaded earlier in the year 2008. Initially, the owner of the camera just highlight the image of a man, but the man behind such a white light appeared floating in the sky.

When enlarged, this white silhouette appeared headed toward the Kaaba. Not only that, there are several pieces of pictures which show revolves around the figure of the Sacred Mosque and then fell on top of the Kaaba of Mecca. Allah akbar!

Now the angels come down over the temple of the video has spread widely on the internet and into a warm conversation on Facebook, Twitter and online forums.

Malaikat Turun di Ka'bah Video

Natural phenomenon that appears more and more, I do not know the meaning of all this. Only god knows. In previous news I have written about hujan darah India. Please read well and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaaaaaaaaa.....x( =)) Mas aku bisa ajarin cara spektakler buatin file Flv,Mpeg,DIv, dan beberap file exten lainnya sesuka kita, editan asli ga akan ketahuan seperi punya mas ini x( =)).

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