August 25, 2010

Hujan Darah India Video

Hujan Darah India Video - More than 500,000 cubic meters of rainwater pouring into the earth is red. At first scientists thought that the red rain was caused by desert sand, but scientists discovered something startling, red elements in the water are living cells, cells that did not come from the earth!

The first rain fell in Kottayam and Idukki districts in the southern region of India. Not only red rain, the first 10 days of rain were reported yellow, green and even black. After 10 days, rainfall intensity subsided until September.

hujan darah
The rain fell only on a limited region and usually only lasts about 20 minutes per rain. The local residents find the clothes dried in the sun turns red like blood. Local residents also reported the sound of explosions and light rain that preceded the explosion is believed to be a meteor.

Want to see blood rain video? Just click on this link => video hujan darah. And please give your opinion about this phenomenon of hujan darah. Thanks.

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nico said...

wah, gan. saia dah dapat info terbaru mengenai ini. Jgn percaya mitos, hujan darah itu tyt krn spora dr sejenis alga, cek di sini gan

Anonymous said...

terima kasih banyak sudah berbagi,.
moga sukses selalu.
jika ingin tau profil saya silahkan kunjungi..
click this

Anonymous said...

yeye aku menang kamu engga

sewa mobil on 29/11/10 14:26 said...

tapi itu gak bener toh

sandika on 31/3/11 13:57 said...

bawa bakteri gak tuh...

travel surabaya banyuwangi on 12/11/11 11:17 said...

salam kenal ya gan

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